International Workshop on EuroPLOT Persuasive Technology for Learning, Education and Teaching

Date: 16.-17.September 2013
Place: Paphos, Cyprus.

This workshop is held in conjunction with the EC-TEL 2013 Conference.

Research and development of "Persuasive Technology" has in the past decade gained significant attention. One of the goals of this research is to understand the basic principles of persuasion and to harness their power. In the fields of education and teaching, persuasion is an important aspect which human tutors are using for motivation and learning. The development of technology which allows unsupervised learning without direct interaction with a human tutor, will need to implement such principles of persuasion.

This workshop aims to bring together experts and stakeholders in the realm of technology-based teaching and learning, who are interested in discussing how to use persuasive principles in the development and application of technology-enhanced learning. This workshop will present latest research results related to teaching and learning technology, specifically addressing and utilising persuasive principles. It will host sessions with technical/scientific peer-reviewed papers, keynote presentations, technology workshops with hands-on demonstrations of persuasive teaching/learning technology, poster sessions, and a panel discussion on the outlook and the future of persuasive technology. Furthermore, it will provide a venue for networking with peers and domain experts.

For the scientific/technical sessions, we are seeking high-quality contributions which are addressing one or more of the following topics:
  • Theory and methodology of persuasive design.
  • Persuasive technology as basis for new learning.
  • Persuasive learning objects.
  • Case studies with persuasive technology.
  • Context-aware learning designs.
  • Ethics of persuasion and learning.
  • Persuasive evaluation and tools.
These contributions can be presented as full papers (8-page) with significant novelty and contribution to knowledge, or as posters for new ideas/concepts that have not yet been fully tested, but that are valuable to the community. Furthermore, technical demonstrations can be shown and presented in a special session. Details on the submission process are here.

This event is organised by the EuroPLOT project. The goal of EuroPLOT is the development of persuasive learning objects and technologies (PLOTs), and there will be one session in which the results of the four case studies in this project are presented.

The participation in this workshop will have no general registration fee. There will be a cost for optional printed proceedings.

If you need further information, please contact us at .